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Optician Greenville

At our optical center in Greenville we have professional, courteous opticians and optometrists who believe that everybody should have an opportunity to see the world through clear and healthy vision. This is why everything we do is well designed to help our patients achieve such a goal.  At Oneway Eyeglasses we will help you with contacts, children’s eyewear, sunglasses and other eye care services for you or your family.  Our Greenville opticians are skilled in helping you pick out the perfect frames.  If you have any questions about types of lenses we offer, or need any optical information, our Greenville opticians make time to get to know our patients.

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Single vision lenses are all-purpose lenses available in all materials, and can be used for either distance or near vision correction.  Bifocals provide both distance and near correction in one lens, with a visible line for the near area.  We offer a wide variety of styles of the lined bifocals, and we are able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages for your personalized eye care needs.  Our Greenville opticians will also assist you in sunglasses.  Our polarized sun wear lenses are the best for eliminating reflective glare.  Any surface can create glare in sunlight, including water, sand, snow, windows, vehicles and buildings. Polarization eases eye stress and fatigue in the sun, and we offer a variety of frames for these lenses.  Hunters, boaters and fishermen, golfers and drivers are a few who benefit from polarized lenses glare-cutting properties.

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