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Optical store in Greenville

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Greenville Eyeglass Repairs

Optical store in Greenville
Optical store in Greenville

It is not at all uncommon to have some sort of vision impairment. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or anywhere in between, you likely rely on some form of vision correction in order to see the world around you with clarity and comfort. There are a great many people that choose prescription eyeglasses as their method of seeing clearly, but if you do so it is important that you remember to take care of your eyeglasses and ensure that they fit properly. Here at our optical store in Greenville, Oneway Eyeglasses, we can help provide you with the glasses you need to see clearly as well as with any repairs for glasses that you may need as well.

There are several options when it comes to choosing some form of vision correction. Many people choose eyeglasses because of their convenience, their versatility, and sometimes because of the way that they look. Choosing the right set of frames is not always easy, however. You will have to take into consideration any specialty lenses, you may want to see what style and shape grave best suit the overall shape of your face and you will want to make sure that measurements fit your face as well. Once all of this is applied to a pair of lenses that appeal to your tastes, it is important to ensure that your glasses fit well, too. Here at Oneway Eyeglasses we can make adjustments to lenses in order to make sure that they stay in place resting on the bridge of your nose without causing discomfort and without being too tight or too loose. Glasses that fit too tightly may hurt your nose or cause headaches and eyestrain. Glasses that are too loose may fly off and risk damage. It is also important to ensure that any glasses that you have and regularly wear are in good condition too which is why we offer eyeglass repairs here at our optical store in Greenville. If your lenses break, fall out, get scratched or become too clouded to see through, you will need to have them replaced. If any part of the frame breaks or bends you will need them to be repaired in order for you to wear them again.

You don’t always have to get a new pair of glasses if the ones you have break or don’t fit well, with eyeglass repairs and adjustments here at Oneway Eyeglasses we can make sure that your eyeglasses suit you and your vision needs in every way possible. If you are looking for new frames or if you need a pair of glasses repaired, come on by our optical store in Greenville today.

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