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Licensed Opticians in Greenville

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Licensed Opticians in Greenville
Licensed Opticians in Greenville

When you decide to get new prescription eyeglasses, finding the perfect glasses is more than just finding frames and lenses. You also want to make sure that you have the services of an expert optician who will make sure that the eyeglasses fit you just right, and that the lenses are inserted properly into the eyeglass frame for optimal vision. If you are looking for an optical practice with top-notch licensed opticians in Greenville, you will want to come see us at our optical practice, Oneway Eyeglasses.

At our optical practice, Oneway Eyeglasses, we have a wide variety of designer frames and sunglasses to choose from. We also have excellent licensed opticians in Greenville at our practice. Our optometrists are Dr. Cynthia Yeager and Dr. Karen Mak. When you come to our optical store one of our optometrists will be able to provide you with either a comprehensive eye exam or contact lens exam and fitting. Patients enjoy the fact that they can experience one-stop shopping at our optical store; they can see our optometrist for an eye exam and new prescription, and then look for a perfect pair of eyeglasses at our eyeglass boutique.

We have many frame experts at our store who are happy to help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses to work with your prescription, face shape, fashion sense and budget. Once you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses, one of our licensed opticians in Greenville will work with you to make sure that the eyeglasses fit you perfectly, and are a good selection for your face measurements. Our experts will make sure that the eyeglasses are wide enough to comfortably fit your face so that they do not squeeze your face in any way. The temples will also be measured to make sure they can comfortably loop over your ears to keep the eyeglasses in place. Measurements will be taken to make sure that the eyeglass lenses will be correctly placed within the eyeglass frame. After the eyeglasses are completely made up, they will be reviewed while you are wearing them to make sure they sit properly on your face. Patients and customers enjoy coming to our optical store because they know that they will receive the very best in eye care, customer service and choice of designer frames. We hope to be seeing you soon, and be part of your next eyeglass purchase.

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