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Laser Vision Correction City View SC

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LASIK in Greenville

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery? If you are tired of having to reach for your eyeglasses the first thing when you get up in the morning, or wish you did not have to wear contact lenses, then you may already be considering getting LASIK. If you are thinking about having laser vision correction City View SC, we hope you will see our top-notch optometrist, Dr. Cynthia Yeager or Dr. Karen Mak, at Oneway Eyeglasses for a pre-LASIK screening.

At our vision practice, our optometrist can provide you with a complete pre-LASIK screening. 

Laser Vision Correction City View SC
Laser Vision Correction City View SC

Although LASIK eye surgery is considered to be extremely safe and effective, this is only true if the patient is well-qualified for the procedure. If a patient does not meet the criteria necessary to be a successful candidate for LASIK, they may not have their vision corrected by the surgery; in fact they may end up with vision that is worse than it was to begin with. This is why ophthalmologists will now require that a patient has a pre-LASIK screening. When a patient indicates to us that they want to have laser vision correction City View SC, our eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam, and ask certain questions which will determine whether or not they are good candidates for the procedure. In order for a person to be qualified for the surgery, they need to be over age 18. It is also important that they have not had any changes to their vision prescription over the past year or two. Our eye doctor will screen your eyes to make sure that you do not have any eye diseases or disorders which will make you a poor candidate for the procedure. Our optometrist will also make sure that your cornea is thick enough for the surgery; this is because the surgery is performed through a tiny incision which is made in the cornea.

If you are thinking about getting laser vision correction City View SC, contact us to see our optometrist for a pre-LASIK screening exam.


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