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Keeping up with the latest trends and technology, our Powdersville optical store carries Crizal antiglare lenses, the market leader of no-glare (anti-reflective) ophthalmic lenses. Trusted and worn by over 150 million people, over 300 million Crizal lenses have been sold worldwide. Crizal is the only antiglare lens on the market today that offers complete protection against the often irreversible dangers of UV rays. In addition, Crizal antiglare lenses offers the most lasting vision clarity by combatting glare, smudges, scratches, water, and dust.

29607 Anti-Glare Lenses

29607 Anti-Glare Lenses

Crizal antiglare lenses help you to see better, making nighttime driving safer, and more comfortable by reducing glare from headlights, street lights, and taillights. Crizal lenses stay clean, glare-free, and clear, so they also make you look better because they are practically invisible to others. Instead of your glasses, people will actually be able to see your eyes. At our Powdersville optical store, our specialists explain to our patients that Crizal antiglare lenses also help you to feel better, causing fewer headaches and less eye fatigue, which are caused by reflections off of overhead lighting and computer screens.
At Oneway Eyeglasses, we can also customize your Crizal lenses with several types of coatings, in addition to antiglare coating, which will provide better comfort for you and durability of your lens. Crizal antiglare eyeglass lenses help you to see more clearly and can make wearing glasses much less of a hassle, with lenses that are simply easier to clean and more scratch-resistant. Providing the most complete UV protection when paired with a UV-protective lens material, Crizal antiglare lenses offer sharp vision with staying power. Crizal lenses are the best performing lens you can buy, helping you to see better, look better and feel better when wearing your eyeglasses.

These nearly invisible lenses are exceptionally durable, extremely easy to keep clean, and scratch-resistant. Cutting-edge technology is combined with non-glare properties, double-sided scratch protection and a finish that repels water. In a nutshell, Crizal antiglare lenses remove reflections that cause fatigue and eyestrain, particularly from fluorescent lighting and computer screens, and resist dust and smudges, so you do not have to clean them as often. Learn more about Crizal lenses and other optical goods by visiting ourĀ Powdersville optical store.

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