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How eyeglasses work to improve vision in Gantt SC

Gantt SC vision care
Gantt SC vision care

When you wear glasses, you enjoy the benefits of improved vision. Regardless if you are nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or more than one of these refractive issues, you will be able to see sharper and more clearly at all distances. At Oneway Eyeglasses, we’re pleased to offer our Gantt SC vision care to help you meet your vision goals. But just how do eyeglasses work to improve vision?

The root cause of vision deficiencies can be traced back to your cornea, the part of the eye at the front where light first enters. It is your cornea that directs light back to the retina so that you can see images. And if your cornea is operating at 100%, what happens is that light reaches the center of your retina. This is what is associated with normal vision. When the shape of your cornea instead sends light in such a way that it strikes closer to the front or the back of your retina, the result is difficulties seeing at various or even all distances. Eyeglasses from our Gantt SC vision care alter the angle that light travels between your cornea and retina, ensuring that it hits at or very close to its center, thereby giving you better vision than you would have without the glasses. Over time, your uncorrected vision can grow worse, as the shape of your cornea alters to miss the desired mark of the retina’s center more than it has in the past. When that happens, our Gantt SC vision care will update your eyeglass prescription to meet your new requirements.

Without the advantages that glasses provide, you would have to struggle to read or to see street signs or to see what’s on the menu behind the counter at your favorite cafe. Just contact our office so that we can book you to come in for an eye exam and get the eyeglass prescription that is ideal for you.

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