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Optical goods in City View

Eyeglasses in City View
Eyeglasses in City View

If you are looking for an eyeglass practice where you can get not only new eyeglasses, but also contact lenses, you will definitely want to come to our vision practice, Oneway Eyeglasses. If you speak to eyeglass and contact lens wearers, you often find that they had to put a lot of thought into whether to purchase eyeglasses or contact lenses. While some patients choose to wear both, almost using each vision correction method equally, most patients generally rely on one type of vision correction method over another. If you are thinking about getting eyeglasses in City View you may first want to weigh your choice against the benefits of getting contact lenses.

At our vision practice we are happy to have two expert optometrist on staff who will be able to provide you with great prescriptions whether they are for eyeglasses in City View or for contact lenses. Our optometrists are Dr. Cynthia Yeager and Dr. Karen Mak. Which type of eye correction method you choose usually depends on personal preference more than anything else. Today, even patients with astigmatism or dry eye can easily wear contact lenses. If you have tried contact lenses several years back but did not have a good experience for whatever reason, you may want to try wearing contacts again. Contact lenses have undergone great improvements over recent years. Other factors that can influence your decision to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses can depend on your lifestyle, the convenience you want, your budget, and what you consider to be aesthetically pleasing. If you come to our practice for eyeglasses in City View, our frame experts will be sure to help you find just the right eyeglass frames to work perfectly with your prescription needs, face shape, fashion sense, and budget. Today eyeglasses are a true fashion statement.

It is important to remember that whether you wear glasses or contact lenses is totally up to you. No one decision is best across the board. Eyeglasses in City View are considered by many to be much easier to wear. You do not need to spend time cleaning them or maintaining them. You also never need to touch your eyes to wear them, so in a way they may be better for your eye health. However, contact lenses also have many advantages. For one, they are considered to be very comfortable to wear as you will not have an eyeglass frame sitting on your nose for most of the day. Additionally, your vision, is never obstructed by contacts. If you participate in sports, you do not need to worry about contacts falling off or breaking during competition. Our vision experts will be happy to discuss this matter further with you.

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