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Eye Doctor Berea

When we recommend you come in to Oneway Eyeglasses for a yearly comprehensive eye exam, we do not mean to simply give you a once over. Comprehensive means what it says. Our Berea eye doctor, Cynthia Yeager, O.D. will not only screen your vision to determine how well you see and if necessary, prescribe corrective lenses for you. She will also check the various parts of your eyes for abnormalities or concerns and examine you for common eye diseases and problems. All of this serves to keep your eyes healthy, strong, and seeing as well as possible.

Optical Exams Berea
Optical Exams Berea

Your vision screening will test how well you see close up and far away. If your vision is not quite up to par, eyeglasses or contacts will be recommended. You can get your prescription filled by our opticians, quickly and accurately. If you already have corrective lenses, your yearly eye exam with our Berea eye doctor will help to determine if your current prescription is still working to give you the best vision possible or if it needs to be updated.

Your eyelids, eye muscles, retinas, conjunctiva, corneas- in short, all of the important pars of your eyes will be examined. This includes the blood vessels in your eyes, which can also offer important clues to your general health. Such diseases as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes can be indicated by what our Berea eye doctor sees in your optical blood vessels. If any problems are suspected, you will be referred to your primary care physician for further follow up.

When it comes to eye diseases, you cannot simply wait and hope that to be tipped off to a potential problem by a symptom. Many common eye concerns can start and advance without any obvious signs. This is why our Berea eye doctor tests you for glaucoma, cataracts, and other potential diseases such as retinopathy for those who are diabetic. It is important to tell Dr. Yeager about your health history and heredity because these factors play heavily into whether you are prone to particular eye problems. A yearly comprehensive eye exam is vital to maintaining your eyes, so don’t leave it to chance.

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